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Default DIY: Teaching your old Kenwood new tricks! (also applies to some OEM decks)

Hello AWJ,

Thought I'd post this useful DIY, to convert any old-skool 99+ Kenwood decks without AUX port, or some select OEM decks with 13 pin kenwood cd-changer/xm port.

I purchased this deck : KDC-MP825
Click the image to open in full size.
Purchased that deck in 2003, I love the damn thing. I fixed it twice, due to mis-shift bashed the face of it bending it. lol. I love the display and the angle of the buttons.

One feature I've come to miss very much, was ofcourse an AUX port. I got tired of burning cd's full of mp3's everytime I want a new song in there. Then came the cellphone with headphone jacks and Pandora. Now i'm looking for new decks with aux jacks built in. Then I asked my self "What am I doing? I have a perfectly good deck already... lets see if I can use the cd-changer port"

So 7 years later, I order me a simple cable that was supposed to do the thing.
Plug it in, and what do I get? Nothing. Zip. I should've bought a genuine CA-C1AUX cable from kenwood, but I don't want to spend $20+ shipping on couple wires and a resistor that would cost less then $5.

So I took the damn cable apart into pieces, and started googling.

Here is what I found, and here are the parts needed.

10k resistor (10 cent ones from radioshack)
Soldering iron
Old Headphone with good jack and decent length of wire, or the Ebay cable that don't work for $3 lol.

When I took apart the cable, I found a Diode, and resistor hooked up in all the wrong places...

Click the image to open in full size. You are looking at the back of the radio(female plug), not the male plug.

Ok, you are going to test if your radio will detect aux when you insert the resistor into the holes on the port. Some headunits like 1 and 9, and mine only liked 3 and 9. YMMV. Bend the resistor over like a U, shove into your corresponding holes, in my case, 3 and 9, and switch the radio on.

Mine immediately stated upon switching SRC, DISC CH. WOOT!

If you got this far, hole 2 is common ground. Hack apart your headset and find the ground (usually the shielding) and solder a piece of paper clip, and shove it in to the #2 hole (that sounded dirty).

and use your multimeter to find the right wire with the tip contact of your jack plug (very out most contact), mine was the red one. I soldered paperclip and shoved it into #12 hole, and the other wire into #8.

Test it out before wrapping up everything, make sure your deck will detect disc-ch, and sound comes out of the speakers.

Using a hot glue gun insulate everything you did, and put a heatshrink over it, and make it tidy.

This should work for most kenwood decks and some OEM decks. You can find these circa 2000 kenwood decks for pennies on the dime on eBay. They are still excellent decks, just doesn't have bluetooth and what not. With an AUX port, these decks work awesome.

Thanks for the space, hope some of you will use this. Took me hours to figure out. lol.

EDIT: BTW, don't have your amps and stereo cranked up before hooking up (or disconnect) the headphone jack to devices, it will "POP!" through the speakers. I usually listen to music at normal person levels, so it doesn't bother me, but it has potential to ruin speakers and hearing. Make sure you are out of DISC CH aux mode before disconnecting or connecting at loud levels.
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Default Re: DIY: Teaching your old Kenwood new tricks! (also applies to some OEM decks)

Wow thats great. You can do the same with the older alpines with cd changer input but all i did was buy the cable from Crutchfield.
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