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Default Re: Hi, I'm new here.

After weeks of research against companies like Blouch, Forced Performance, APS, etc, I still went with Synergy for a number of reasons.

-They are located in California
-Their prices are amazing
-Products are warrantied
-Ease of installation
-I made nearly 350whp @ 18psi.

The quality of their products speak for themselves.

The GMS FMIC is great. I also did research on this. I am paranoid of shitty products. The core looked great compared to Perrins (which was also nice and dense, but much more expensive). It is modeled after the TXS unit which I know installs relatively easily, and it is priced well. I haven't done any absolute pressure or temp. tests, but the car runs well and my butt dyno was like whoa.
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